What the People Say

Taylor Kirley, Member Experience Manager, Bright Cellars 


"I worked with Erin as her manager for over 2 years. I was always impressed with her incredible work ethic and her ability to get things done efficiently. Additionally, if I ever had a creative project, Erin was always my go-to person to get it done. While I was working with her, I tasked Erin to work on our help desk and produce engaging content for our user base. The content that Erin created was always thorough, well researched, and well done. Erin has a great user-first mindset, and was an incredible asset to our team!"

Amanda Hollinger, Senior Wine Concierge, Bright Cellars 

I worked with Erin for over two years, both as a manager and as a co-lead as her career progressed. She is an incredibly hard-working and dedicated person, but what really sets her apart is how much she cares for other people. She has an incredibly compassionate heart, which served her well as a wine concierge; she always delivered above and beyond service for her members, because she truly has their best interest at heart. Erin is driven and will accomplish anything she sets her mind to. 

Gavyn Taylor, Gavyn Taylor Photography

I never thought I needed a copywriter until Erin proved her skills to be not only helpful and beneficial but extremely valuable. I can now focus on the front end of my business while she works on the blog portion of my website. She is very timely, organized, and always willing to talk through my ideas. I am constantly impressed by her ability to match my tone of voice as if I wrote it myself. It is very important to me that my writing is personable and inviting. After reading over Erin’s first blog post that she wrote for me, I knew that we would be a perfect match. She even optimizes the text to rank high in SEO and web metrics. She is amazing and I highly recommend her if you are searching for a copywriter.